Saturday, March 27, 2010

Table clock camera (AJ-TC01)

This surveillance system is well hidden inside a functional table clock with a built-in transmitter. The camera and transmitter are invisible to the human eye. This covert system can be applied to almost any ambience. Just use the normal AA battery operated or with power supply. The camera is very easy to operated and no installation is required. To operate you just plug and play.

Full package Includes:
1. One 1.2GHz wireless color camera with audio inside the table clock.
2. One multi-channel perfectly matched audio & video receiver;
3. One 9Volt 200mA DC AC Adapter;
4. One 12Volt 500mA/1.25A DC AC Adapter;
5. One 9Volt Battery Clip;
6. One RCA cable for receiver to VCR/TV hook up. Everything is ready for use, just plug and play.
1. High quality Sound
2. Super high resolution and sensitivity
3. Integrated lens can be adjusted
4. Low consumption and excellent stabilization
5. Compact and easy to install
6. Fit for the security system of stores, banks, hotels, school, hospitals. factories and apartments

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