Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Walk Softly in all aspects of your life

The key to a happy life is learning how to:

"Walk Softly" in all aspects of your life.

Walk Softly

"Walking Softly," means exactly that. Walk softly quietly, slowly and carefully with each step. Make deliberate and purposeful strides in the direction in which you are headed. Once you begin to get a feel for the correct way to walk you will know when you are walking softly and when you are suffering from hurry sickness. A good way to judge your stride is by the reactions of animals and small children and babies. If they have a startled reaction when you enter the room then you are surely not walking softly. Slow down and quiet your stride. When you are not walking softly then it also is affecting the rest of your life.

Talk Softly

Be aware of your voice. The tone and intonation. Again, smaller animals and individuals can be a good judge of the severity of your voice. Your inner wisdom will tell you when your voice is too loud or judgmental. You are aware when you are yelling. Yelling and using your voice in a loud and offensive manner becomes a habit and habits are hard to break. Make an effort over the next week or two to monitor your voice. Keep a log of how often you raise your voice and to whom and in what situations. Do you scream at certain individuals and situations? Do you raise your voice and threaten inanimate objects? Ask yourself this question. Can they hear you? Will it do any good? Then stop it! Next list all the people you raise your voice to and realize that they probably are the people in your life that need your love the most. Love them and make an effort to talk softly in the future. Now that you have written down their names on pen and paper it should be easier to remember to love them and talk softly to them.

Think Softly

Hard or harsh thoughts have no place in the minds of man. They only harbor hate and prejudice, resentment and fear. They are a breeding ground for war and unrest. They will deny you of peace of mind and serenity. They will forbid joy and happiness from ever visiting your life. As it has been said far more aptly than I could ever begin to state it: "Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.

Live Softly

Live your life softly. Apply the rules above in all areas of your life and when you live do it in a soft manner meaning do it with gentleness and love. Do it with a sense of grace. Make each person you meet a little "more" and never a little "less" in doing so you will become a little "more" and the end result will be that the world will become a little "more". Everyone and the world benefit from the "Walk Softly" philosophy of Life. It is not coming from a point of weakness but rather from a point of strength. It is not a weak way of life. It is not an easy way of life. It takes more strength to be calm and to walk gently or "softly" "gentle" or "soft" finds calm.

Love and Light
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