Thursday, April 8, 2010


There are very few ancient cities in the subcontinent which inspite of the great stresses and strains have retained their old complexion, and Peshawar is one of them. A walk through the old city's blind alleys will help you appreciate how Peshawar has retained its centuries old grandeur and complexion. The ramparts though in dilapidated state and the various Darwazas (gates) still exist to tell a story of the good old days. A town set in the rugged splendor of the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan; it is undoubtedly a true metropolis of the Orient. It has till today preserved its traditional flavour and retained the air of Arabian Nights without remaining indifferent to the demands of modern development.


• Half day city tour of Peshawar city visiting museum and old bazaars.
• Half day excursion for historical Khyber Pass.
• Half day excursion for Darra Adam Khel.
• Half day excursion to Takht Bhai.

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