Thursday, August 19, 2010

X37B : New US missile can hit Pak, Iran nuclear sites

In US estimation Persian Gulf, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Korean Strait are the most dangerous areas in the world, and has launched a new satellite named Orbital Test Vehicle (OTV) in May 2010 for spying on these areas.

The real name of this satellite is X37B and it is up in the space at an altitude of 41,000 kilometres. It has the capacity to retain its original condition and standard in space for 270 days. This space ship is 8.8 metres long and its preparation was started in 1999 when Bill Clinton was President of the US. It is said that the satellite has been prepared for spying and has been assigned to keep an eye on the most dangerous areas in the world.

X37B spacecraft is equipped with laser weapons. Although US experts do not term it an aggressive weapon, however if viewed in conjunction with Minotaur-IV missile, it could perhaps be more lethal than a nuclear bomb.

The speed of Minotaur-IV missile is 5,792 kilometres per hour and it does not give time enough to the enemy to defend itself. It has the shape of a cruise missile but with a terrific speed such that a cruise missile cannot hit it. On the other hand, this missile is so potent that it is capable of hitting a target howsoever big and made safe to any extent. This missile is now being called the weapon of the future. This can hit a target anywhere in the world within an hour and it does not give time to the targeted country to defend itself. It is not equipped with nuclear weapons, however it has laser weapons which are seven times faster in speed than Tomahawks missile. Minotaur-IV missile is a four-tier weapon and can be launched from sea, land and air. It is now being said that US has been working on Prompt Global Strike Project.

US presidents never tire of talking about peace but do not restrain their weapon producers from making weapons that can bring incalculable death and destruction in the world. Otherwise they use such weapons to spy on countries they do not like or whom they consider their enemy. According to experts, Pentagon is busy in preparing weapons capable of exterminating the enemy within minutes.

British scientists have termed it the most destructive weapon of the future that can destroy within minutes the enemy, howsoever far away and for whose defence special measures have been taken. Now it solely depends on US whether it uses this weapon only for spying or for launching a big laser gun attack on the enemy. In response to that Russia is working on S-500 Rad Missile System and it will soon be test fired.

The points to ponder for Pakistan as well as Iran are that US will use this weapon for spying on them and still can target the weapons which are considered to have been made and placed in very safe places. This puts the nuclear assets of Pakistan in grave danger. Similarly, it is also a danger to the nuclear programme of Iran. The Americans are now talking about an attack on Iran without any inhibition. On the other hand US has openly threatened Pakistan that in case of a repetition Time Square bomb incident, it will have to suffer the consequences.

This is now almost certain that US is hell-bent to do something either against Iran, Pakistan or North Korea. The question is whether it would allow Israel to do the needful against Iran or will take the action by itself. US commander Mike Mullen has minced no words to declare that situation in Afghanistan is not in favour of US and in the coming days there would be more Nato deaths
Daily Jang Karachi . 27 July 2010

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  1. i think we already know that America has such ambitions .... :) why to spread the news now.... :)...we muslims have a belief that there is time for one can stop it one can start it.... so we all know American ambitions.....the only thing i want to know is why after such propaganda American send Pak government messages that they want ti improve their image....American are immoral since they killed the native Americans(red Indians) dont make me laugh by sending out such childish propaganda...... All the super powers in the history have gone down thinking and believing that they are invincible... Americans are not any Different...its matter of time.....American society is crumbling down... modern weapons will not help you.....what you need is faith and some belief in GOD.....your history tells that you have got none......