Tuesday, November 15, 2011

How To be super Positive.?

How To be super  Positive.?

If your get-up and go has gotten up and gone, then it's time to start 

stirring up those positive vibes... 

It's a well-known fact that positive-minded people are more likely to 
achieve their life's goals. When you're upbeat, everything looks 
different; your day is brighter and full of potential. What's more, 
opportunities more readily come your way, and you're able to face challenges with 
a sense of ease. In fact, being in an optimistic frame of mind can help 
you gain success and greater levels of happiness. 

However, not everyone finds it easy to be super-positive. It requires a 
change in perspective and focused intentions to break away from 
redundant beliefs and negativity, but once you start changing your outlook, 
you'll feel motivated, energized, and empowered. 

To become super-positive so that you can achieve your goals and enjoy a 
fulfilling life, try the following: 

1. When you get up in the morning, don't allow any negative thoughts to surface --

 No matter your situation or circumstances. Stretch, 

breathe-in, and believe that you can make good things happen. Affirm to 
yourself, "I am happy and positive, and I'm going to have a wonderful day." 
Believe it! 

2. Have your own mantra to help you achieve your goals --

 It can be anything relevant to your needs and ambitions, such as "I can do it!" or "I will succeed!" If you're feeling slightly out of kilter, repeat your 

mantra, either silently or out loud to yourself. Believe in the words. 
Trust in your mantra. You really can achieve your goals. 

3. Smile even if you're down and laugh at yourself and the world. 

Life is wonderful and multi-faceted. Whatever the problem, a little bit of 
humor will make everything seem easier to cope with. Besides, a little 
bit of laughter on a daily basis is good for your health and well-being. 
When you laugh, your internal organs gain a workout, and laughter 
drives fresh oxygen around your body. So, take some time out to see the 
funny side of your world. Often, it's never as bad as you think. Seek out 
the positive in every situation. 

4. Reflect on all your achievements so far

You've come further than you think! Make a list of what you have gained in your life. Don't just notch up the career or money successes. Think about the experiences that you have accumulated and the personal qualities that you have acquired. 

By focusing on these achievements, it will boost your self-esteem. 

5. Remind yourself about what you're trying to achieve.

Are your goals 

still relevant? Sometimes, we have to reassess our direction because 
things change in our lives... we change too. What you once wanted and 
would give anything for might not be what you really want now. When you're 
on the wrong path, you'll have a vague sense of being out of kilter 
with everything. Trust your inner wisdom and intuition. Note how your 
current circumstances make you feel. Be prepared to change your life or 
jump out of your current comfort zones. Once you're on the right path, 
you'll start feeling more positive. 

6. Walk out on a regular basis and get some fresh oxygen circulating  through your blood.

Take a stroll through the park. Climb a mountain! 

Awake those feel-good vibes. Regular exercise will enhance your mood and  make you feel super-positive. 

7. Make sure your glass is always half-full rather than half-empty. 

To be super-positive, you must think on the positive side of everything. 
Eliminate any negative dialogue. Listen to your internal voice as well 
as your external one. If you catch yourself saying or thinking something 
that is negative, stop, rewind and replace those words with a positive 
statement. It takes practice, time, and determination, but after a 
while, you'll start eliminating those pesky negative vibes. 

8. Create abundance in your life...

believe in your ability to make 
things happen. Your positive state of mind will act like a magnet by 
attracting positive experiences. Focus on what you want; be optimistic and 
be more abundant. You really can have the life you most desire! 

9. Devote a bit of your time and energy to a good cause.

 If you're able, always give something back!.!!.

thorld needs super-positive people 

like you to make it even better than what it is. You can inject some of 
your positive energy into charitable ventures or simply by showing your 
kindness on a daily basis. 

10. Don't stress about the things you cannot change.

 Work on the things you can. By being positive about life and focusing on the things that 

you can transform, you'll discover a world full of opportunities and 
potential waiting for you to explore. 

Whether good or bad, you have choices in how you react to whatever 
comes your way. 

Why be miserable when you can smile? Why dwell on sadness when you can 
choose happiness? 

Life will always have its ups and downs, but if you focus on the 
positive and become super-positive, you will experience greater happiness and contentment. 

So, don't just sit around; make a decision to become that 
super-positive person that you have always wanted to be and make sure you live an 
astounding life!

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