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4th Earth Care Award 2012 ; Apply now :

The debate over climate change is now urgent, demanding the attention of citizens and authorities in the world. Taking an important step to increase awareness about the challenges faced by our Earth, The Times of India and Jindal Steel Works (JSW) initiated  Earth Care Awards in 2008. The Award is issued for SAARC countries i.e Pakistan, India, Maldives, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangla Desh.
Awards are in recognition of those who have taken up arms in the battle to save the Earth in full earnest. The awards for Excellence in Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation will felicitate individuals and industry representatives for initiatives in management of natural resources and mitigation of greenhouse gases.

Earth Care Award 2012
The present 3rd Award focused on three important segments i.e. signifying action by

  •  Industries Small & Medium Enterprise
  •  Industries Large Enterprise
  •  Communities 
  •  Individuals

Philosophy of Earth Care Award is To highlight activities emanating from different sectors in response to the call for local level action to support climate change mitigation and adaptation. The awards for this year reflects India's priorities and commitment towards domestic level action and clearly highlights activities which has gone beyond compliance measures and leads to increasing resilience of communities.


GHG mitigation in Small & Medium Enterprises
One of the most encouraging aspects of the earlier editions of the award was the response from diverse sectors of industries showcasing their significant work on avoiding emissions and improving efficiency of energy use. The present edition seeks to group the efforts of the small and medium size enterprises on the one hand and those of the large enterprises on the other. This is essentially on account of the scale of operations and hence the quantitative features of the impacts.
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GHG mitigation in Large Enterprises
Some of the evidences the award process will look for, include a clear reduction in the quantity and diversity of greenhouse gases released during various stages of production in large scale industry. The specific emphasis is on the release of these gases; thereby relying not exclusively on the correlates between reduction in energy consumption and on emissions alone.
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Community led action on Mitigation and Adaptation to Climate Change with respect to Water Resources, Land Use, Land Use Change & Forestry
Some major initiatives on conservation of water and land resources reflecting mitigation and adaptation goals justified the appropriateness of the framework and the scope defined in earlier editions of the award. This has infused confidence and the hope to encounter a much larger number of such initiatives this time around.
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Innovation For Climate Protection
The earlier edition of the award saw some interesting initiatives on energy efficiency enhancement, networking to reduce redundancy in energy use; capture of pollutants etc. with a significant bearing on mitigation performance of the innovations. The present edition therefore seeks to invite a much larger number of claims and is basically built on the technical framework indicated earlier.
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Last Date for Applications is 15 March 2012.


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