Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Election Commission of Pakistan’s SMS to “8300” voter list facility at Rs.2/- Only

Rs. 2/- only
 The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) will provide SMS facility to the general public, for checking their vote registration, particulars etc. at Rs 2.00 per SMS only which has been kept as minimum as possible. For this purpose, the sender will send his CNIC number to a short code 8300 and will subsequently receive a message in Urdu.
It will confirm registration of voter as well as location (electoral area) where voter is registered along with serial number of voter in electoral rolls. Details on the procedure and short code “8300” for the service will be announced as soon as the Preliminary Electoral Rolls-2011 are ready to be displayed for twenty-one days at 55,000 display centres all over the country.

Voter List SMS to 8300

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  1. My NIC # is 61101-5541389-9 on which my permanent address is clearly written “House No. 41, Block No. 40, Dera Ghazi Khan”. About 15 days ago I visited the Election House, Dera Ghazi Khan city with the complaint that my voter-record was incorrect. I showed the officer the reply of my SMS to 8300 which had my voter number etc. wrongly registered in Mehboob Abad instead of Block No. 40. For proof (of my other family members’ record) I also took with me the details of my brother voter number and showed it to the officer. In short, the officer guided me to buy a form A, he then he filled some parts of it and I submitted it next day with my thumb impression and signature. I was told that it would be corrected within three/four days. Today, after 13 days, I sent the SMS and again the same old wrong entry was sent to me in the reply.
    What should I do?